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Dr. Jolly - Full Spectrum Edible Cannabis Extract (RSO)

Dr. Jolly

In our experience, just about anything made in Bend seems to stand apart in regards to quality and purity. This is definitely true for Dr. Jolly Full Spectrum Edible Cannabis Extract. If you thought all RSOs are created equal, think again. This one is processed with hydrocarbons which typically contributes to a stronger concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes than other brands. That translates to increased benefits for the user. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

If you’re new to RSO, let us tell you about it and guide you in the most effective way to ingest it. This product is dispensed from a syringe and is only intended to be taken in tiny doses due to its high level of concentration. You’ll find that it is among the best value products we have based on the cannabinoid content for the price. Customers find it beneficial for a variety of conditions and uses. Most notably pain relief. One of the draws is that it can be used both internally and topically. It might not be the barrel of laughs its name indicates, but it should turn your frown upside down with a quickness. 

Chalice Farms - Chamomile Peach

The weather is getting colder and we’re ready for a tropical vacation. Sounds like a pipe dream and it probably is. Chamomile Peach Fruit Chews from Chalice Farms will have to suffice as our mental escape throughout the season. The heavenly combination of chamomile with its honey-kissed essence and juicy peach will whisk you away on a cloud of carefree relief. If we don’t sleep well the rest of our life suffers, so it’s nice to know we can catch some Z’s thanks to a product like this.

Chalice Farm chews are made with locally-sourced organic fruit puree, unique additive ingredient blends and sweetened primarily with low-glycemic beet sugar. They’re also free of gluten, dairy and soy as well as being vegan. That’s a high integrity foundation anyone can feel good about. The 5:1 ratio of CBN to THC offers minimal psychoactivity with maximum sleep-inducing cannabinoid content. It’s the edible equivalent to counting sheep, except this actually works. Wash it down with a hot mug of chamomile tea and you’ll really be doubling down.

Chalice gummies

High Desert - Pure Full Spectrum Ginger Lime Clinical Strength Lotion

When you think of ginger and lime you might imagine the ingredients for a rum drink or a fish seasoning. Little did you know that it also happens to be a perfect combination when blended into High Desert Pure Full Spectrum Lotion. This is the kind of top-shelf topical you’d find in a goodie bag at the Oscars. Not only does it boast ginger root (an anti-aging aid), but also green tea extract (no, it won’t keep you up at night). It’s extra creamy and moisturizing thanks to the additions of mango butter, shea butter and safflower oil. Basically you could eat it if you wanted to (but we suggest you don’t). 

The 1:1 ratio reflects equal content of CBD and THC with a whopping 500 mg of each! With the  “Clinical Strength” classification, it seems like something that should require a prescription. Fortunately that isn’t the case. It can be used for a wide spectrum of ailments from tender muscles to inflamed joints to topical conditions like eczema. Vitamin B5 and arnica chime in on the anti-inflammatory entourage effect and juice up the resume of this multi-tasking topical. 

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